Issues and Trends

Maintaining a Culture of Professionalism (webinar)

Personal/Interpersonal Competencies

Sub-Category: Contributes
to a collaborative, committed and professional work environment

Behavior Will Not "Just Happen" in the workplace.

And it
won't be effective to just "talk about" professionalism and hope people will

If we want to create, nurture and maintain professionalism and
professional behavior in our organizations, we must take action.

concept of professionalism goes beyond ethics; it encompasses image, manners,
respect, appearance, excellence, quality, expertise and other factors.

Unfortunately, many of the principles of professionalism are not being taught
or reinforced. And the results are less than desirable for all of our library
customers and stakeholders.

In this interactive and informative
webinar, Dean will help you determine what actions your employees need to take
to be seen as a professional. Even more important, you'll learn how
to help your
employees grow in a way that maintains the image your organization has worked
so hard to earn.

We will discuss:

  • Increase awareness of image, behavior, and role as it
    relates to library success
  • Provide opportunities to explore and practice new
  • Learning professional tact and diplomacy as it relates to
  • How to work with "delicate" people and situations
  • Trigger words that create unintentional aggression

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    All Other Libraries: $15.00

    Thursday, November 2, 2017 -
    14:00 to 15:00

    All I Really Need to Know I Learned from ABC Books (webinar)

    Competency: Children's Services

    Sub-Category: Programming
    for Children


    books are a treasure trove that can be used with almost any age.

     They're fun to
    look at, can be found on a wide variety of topics, and inspire questions and
    conversations, thereby enhancing talking skills. Older youngsters and adults
    who have struggled with reading might be offended by "baby or kiddie" alphabet
    books. But they would love spending time with some of the specialized ABC books
    that seemingly involve the alphabet almost incidentally.


    webinar is designed to appeal to librarians looking for literacy activities
    that can be shared with parents or caregivers who are interested in ways to
    enhance their own child's exposure to books. It will also be valuable for
    storytimes and other programming in a library setting. Kathy will share some of
    her favorites, along with enrichment activities and tips on how specific books
    can cater to a reader's personal interests.


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      Tuesday, November 14, 2017 -
      10:30 to 11:30

      The Best of Digital Media for Storytimes and Other Library Programming and How to Use It (webinar)

      Competency: Children's Services

      Sub-Category: Builds a
      collection designed to meet the needs and interests of children: Evaluates and
      selects materials and resources in various formats for children


      for advice on some of the best Digital Media resources available? Needing to
      add more Digital content to Storytimes and Programming? This webinar is for


      interactive and informative program provides experienced advice and guidance on
      planning and executing digital storytime and other programs as well as how to
      best identify digital resources. We will discuss selection criteria and
      evaluation both through the lens of general and programming collections.


      Attendees will learn:


      • How to
        intentionally and appropriately incorporate technology and interactive
        media into existing and/or new programs

      • Tips &
        Tricks- Strategies for using Digital Media in Storytime and other programs

      • How to Select
        Apps and other Resources for use in Programming

      • Recommended
        Resources, an overview of recommended apps by age and use


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        All Other Libraries: $15.00

        Tuesday, November 14, 2017 -
        02:00 to 03:00