10 Poor Work Habits to Eliminate to Improve Your Work Life (archived webinar)

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    10 Poor Work
    Habits to Eliminate to Improve Your Work Life



    Competency: Personnel Management

    Sub-Category: Enables
    staff to strive for continuously higher standards of performance


    We all have bad work habits, and most
    of us are content to put up with them for the foreseeable future.

    Bad work habits
    usually develop over time.for example, you may find that you are late to
    meetings, that you deliver reports after deadlines or that you have low

    Sure, they may make us a little less productive, and they might
    not look great in a performance review, but they're relatively harmless when
    they creep into our daily routines.


    Trading good work habits for bad ones
    may result in a happier, more efficiently working "you". Long running habits
    may take time to break, but you are likely to see your performance and
    evaluations improve when you make the effort. 


    In this interactive and informative
    webinar attendees will discuss 10 common
    poor work habits
    and work on some of their own while learning alternative
    behaviors to begin using in their daily routines.

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    Issues and Trends
    Online Course
    Tuesday, February 12, 2019 (All day)