City Directories - Uncovering Clues About Your Community (webinar)

Competency: Public Services Competencies

Sub-Category: Demonstrates ability to meet information seeking needs of users

Genealogists are a special breed--and their appetite for
information sometimes feels endless. No reference is too obscure, no tombstone
too faded. Join us to learn about an often
-overlooked resource to use when gathering
information for family or local histories
--city directories. These directories help patrons
locate information about people, organizations, and neighborhoods between the
census decades and after 1940.

  • Explore the wealth of information in city directories

  • Access city directories online and in print

  • Utilize directories to understand growth of cities and

  • Supplement census information with city directory

  • Compile House Histories

Today, many of these resources are online. Even so, we'll
look at examples of paper and digital city directories to uncover clues about
the past and present including how neighborhoods changed, who else lived in a
house, when streets changed their names, and even tricks to determine when a
spouse died.

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Issues and Trends
Online Course
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00