Dealing with Passive Aggressive Behaviors (webinar)

Competency: Library Management

Sub-Category: Staff
Training and Development


you ever worked with someone who, on the one hand, seems agreeable and easy to
get along with?

Who, on the other hand, indirectly resists others' demands and
avoids direct confrontation at all costs?

If so, you're dealing with an individual
who displays signs of passive-aggressiveness.

behavior confuses and maddens. Coworkers are often ill-equipped to respond to

This Webinar will help to fill this need. You'll gain insight and acquire
tools to help you work productively with anyone who might speak, act, and think
in a passive-aggressive fashion.

participants will learn:

  • Characteristics
    of passive-aggressive individuals;

  • Signs and
    examples of passive-aggressive behaviors;

  • The not-so-subtle
    language of passive-aggressiveness;

  • Why people
    display passive-aggressive tendencies; and, most importantly,

  • Strategies for
    managing the potentially pernicious consequences of passive-aggressiveness
    in the workplace


short, this informative program promises two things.

First, it will help you to
improve your abilities to recognize passive-aggressiveness.

Second, you'll
learn how to respond constructively to such incidents.


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All Other Libraries: $15.00

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Issues and Trends
Online Course
Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00