How To Get $10,000 / Month In Free Advertising For Your Library From Google (LIVE webinar)


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Someone does a Google search and gets a list of results. On the very top are the "paid listings"-ads placed by companies. Did you know libraries can place ads there too-for FREE?


There's a little-known initiative called Google Ad Grants. Every qualifying nonprofit that applies gets a grant of up to $10,000 / month in advertising credit. This allows nonprofits to place ads at the top of Google search results, just like the big players do.

Libraries can use the grant to promote anything at all-collections, electronic resources, programs, tutoring, services, classes, special events-you name it. 


In this hour-long webinar, you'll learn everything you need to know:


v Which organizations qualify for the grants?

v How quickly you can apply and can get set up

v Why every library should be advertising its offerings in Google

v Best practices for successful Google Ads campaigns

v Where to get help in managing your grant and your campaigns

v Results that other Ad Grants libraries are already achieving

v What are the real costs (money & time) of the program?


Yes, you really can place ads on Google at no cost; you just have to learn how. This webinar will include links and instructions to get you started. It's vital for your library to be visible on Google, where nearly everyone starts their searches.

 Meet the public where they are, and increase their awareness and usage of any of your library's resources.


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