Leadership Redefined: Ownership Engagement Results (webinar)

Competency: Organizational Leadership

Sub-Category: Uses an
inclusive, open and transparent approach to leading others

Competitive, challenging and constantly shifting - that is today's
marketplace! It calls for a new style of leader. One that has the ability to
see the big picture. Understand external trends. Implement strategy with one-hand
tied behind your back. To succeed you need to be that rare leader who can stay
razor like focused while remaining flexible enough to seize new opportunities.

It is time to redefine how we lead, and create a culture that
inspires ownership at every level in order to drive results at every turn. Your
greatest competitive advantage in today's marketplace is the engagement level
of your employees. The rules have changed and employee engagement trumps
customer engagement . every single time! In today's marketplace, the relationship
you build with your employees is more important than the relationship you build
with your customers. 

In this innovative program, you'll discover the cutting-edge
strategies including:

  • Ways to maximize your ability to get the
    best and the brightest to beat a path to your door

  • How-to engage employees at every level
    increasing productivity and results

  • Proven leadership strategies that ensure
    you gain a competitive advantage

  • Increased business acumen and strategic
    leadership skills

  • A personal leadership plan of action

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Issues and Trends
Online Course
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 10:30 to 11:30