Understanding and Defending Digital Copyright in Your Library (webinar)

Competency: Laws, Policies and

Sub-Category: Understands and applies copyright and
intellectual property laws


Do copyright issues seem to pop up often in your
Library? Many times, they are not addressed because people are leery of giving
the wrong information. And how does copyright apply to your digital materials?


In this informative webinar, we will discuss the main
issues surrounding your digital materials and copyright. We'll look at court
cases, accessibility for all patrons (visual impairments and more), license
agreements, and how you can advocate for the best access for your patrons.


Digital materials including eBooks are here to stay,
let's also discuss how we can use the resources to their fullest, while not
infringing on the authors' rights.

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    Event Type: 
    Issues and Trends
    Online Course
    Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 10:30 to 11:30