What's in Your Presentation Toolbox? Tools for Effective Communication: You & Your Message (archived webinar)

Competency: Communication

Demonstrates proficient public speaking skills

You know how to give a factual,
well-rounded presentation, but you hate doing it. 

That's because as the big day
approaches, the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach begins to bubble and
the age-old advice of "imagine them sitting in their underwear" just doesn't
get it.  

You want and need a training
program that gives you real "tools" that will make you a more confident and
comfortable speaker. That program is here, and it's for you!  

"What's in Your Presentation Toolbox?
Tools for Effective Communication" provides the background on 7 tools all
speakers need to be effective communicators and all speakers possess. 

webinar will detail what tools are essential and how you can use them. Plus,
this toolbox training comes with a warning! 
If the tools are used improperly, they can derail any speaker. 

During this seminar you'll learn:

  • What's my Toolbox?

  • Is it Gimmick or GOAL in communicating my message?

  • 7 basic tools you can begin using

  • What's missing from your box and why it
    should stay lost

Being a comfortable, confident and
consistent speaker is possible when you bring The Toolbox and understand its
contents in building your successful presentation.


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Issues and Trends
Online Course
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 (All day)